Useful Tips for Installing Sliding Drawers Correctly – What You Need to Remember

Installing sliding drawers can take a lot of time and energy, but with a little research work and dedication, you can find the right drawers and set them up in no time at all. Getting all that done, however, will require some foreknowledge, and most experts will recommend that you start by doing some research on the various websites where drawers are available for sale.

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Comparing prices and offers will help you, but not before you have a better idea of what you are looking for specifically.

Measurements and Design Considerations

When installing your sliding drawers, you might run into a lot of problems regarding the design and fit of your drawers. As a result, you have to make sure to write down the right specifications before you even order them.

Measure the width and depth of the interior of your cabinets, and make sure you can get a general idea of how many shelves you want to get and what design and construction specifications they should have.

Ordering the Right Drawers

Now it’s time to start looking for sliding drawers. The best place you’ll find them is online, as you will see that many reliable sellers and local stores have their own websites.

While checking the details and specs for your new sliding shelves, make sure they are within your budget range, and that they fit in with your measurements. Call to ask sellers and sales representatives for help in making your decision and checking if a particular shelf might be available in a different size or design.

Installing Your Sliding Drawers

Installing sliding drawers can be easy as long as you have the right information. All you will need is a good power drill and the correct instructions:

  1. Once you order your new sliding drawers, open the box and prepare the shelves, the mount screws and the brackets.
  2. Check to see if the drawer fits properly, then mark the areas where the screws and brackets will have to be set.
  3. You may have to check to see if the drawers already have brackets on the side. If they don’t, follow the instruction guidelines that came with the sliding brackets to see how to attach them. If they do, align them with the area where you want the shelf, so you can mark the holes you want to drill properly. Make sure the shelf is aligned in such a way that the cabinet door can still close fully.
  4. Compare the screws to your drill bits and determine which one would be the right fit for drilling the appropriate holes in your cabinet.
  5. Use your power drill to drill all the holes with the brackets in place. That way you can be sure that the screws can be placed in the correct location.
  6. Place the screws and tighten them so that the brackets are firmly in place.
  7. Lastly, insert your sliding drawer and test it to see if it’s sturdy enough to hold everything you need it for. If you installed the drawer at a taller height this is an important step, so you don’t risk damaging any fragile items if the brackets don’t hold under the weight.

Once you’re finished, your new sliding drawers should be in place and holding without a problem. You can then repeat the process for additional sliding drawers and shelves that you might want to add.