How to Determine and Shop for the Best Lawn Fertilizers for Arid Climate

Finding the best lawn fertilizer for arid climate is not an easy task. Whether you’re struggling in an extremely dry area, or you just live in a place where dry weather only comes around at certain times of the year, there is a lot to be said about the fertilizer you are using – or perhaps the fertilizer you should be using to ensure that your garden and lawn remains green and rich all year round.

grow great grass with organic fertilizerThe right type of fertilizer might not arrive packaged beautifully, and you won’t find it as a result of watching pretty ads. But what it will do is to perform exactly as you want it to and keep your lawn and plants thriving, for a simple reason – you did all the work to find it yourself.

Where Does Fertilizer Come in?

You can do a lot to make sure your grass grows greener even while living in an arid area. Despite the constant dryness, watering sparingly, making sure the water doesn’t evaporate but goes deeper into the soil, and ensuring that you mow higher and less frequently are just some of the tips you can consider for keeping the soil moist much longer and making sure you have a steady growth cycle.

Fertilizer should usually be purchased in the spring. Early spring is the time when you are most likely to benefit from the use of good quality, organic fertilizer, since it’s the perfect time to give your grass a good feeding. The cool weather is getting warmer at this time, but it’s still not warm enough for the dry season to set in yet. That condition will provide you with a golden opportunity to make sure that your grass is well-fed and that the soil gets an excellent foundation for the warm, dry spring and summer months to come.

Shopping for Organic Fertilizers

So what should you really do to find the best lawn fertilizer for arid climate? The main concern for many homeowners is that the soil might lack the capacity to hold enough moisture and nutrients to keep plants and grass growing in a healthy way all year round.

To counteract this problem, it’s important to make sure you buy only high quality, organic fertilizer, and that your fertilizer offers adequate quantities of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen – the three key ingredients that, if you get right, will make your yard flourish in any weather.

The problem is you have to buy lawn fertilizer that has a specific balance between nutrients, and that ideal balance can change depending on where you live.

Good Results for Arid Climates

 To get the best results in arid climates, make sure to get a routine soil test before considering any type of fertilizer. A soil test will give you the general amount of potassium and phosphorus contained in your soil, and provide you with invaluable nutrient recommendations for your fertilizer.

Also, pay attention to the specific needs of the grass you’re using. Warm season grass will typically need much less nitrogen than cool weather grass, and the amount of K2O required will also reduce from 50 to about 35, under ideal conditions.