How Do Step and Repeat Banners Work?

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There are many ways and many tools available to promote your brand and to create the mental link between your company’s name, logo and values, one of the most efficient such tools being step and repeat banners. Here is why the solution is so versatile, why it works so well for any business in any industry and you will also find a few tips about how to make the most of your banner.

What Is A Step and Repeat Banner?

Stop and repeat banners are the branded backdrops that we all know from red carpet events – the banners are the signs consisting of a canvas or synthetic material stretched over a frame that you can see behind celebrities when they are posing in front of the cameras. The banners usually feature logos – either the same logo repeated across the entire surface or multiple logos, such as the signs off sponsors on a banner used at a charity event.

Where Step and Repeat Banners Work Best

Step and repeat banners are most commonly seen at industry events, at cultural events or at charities and they are very frequently used at conferences and as backdrops during press interviews as well. These large custom banners are very often seen at wedding venues as well, serving as the background for the guests to take attractive pictures of themselves. Many of these pictures get posted on social media, giving the company whose logo is featured on the banner even more exposure.

Types of Step And Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are typically available in three types: retractable, telescopic and spring back banners. Retractable banners are usually the largest of them all – made from durable and resistant synthetic materials and standing on sturdy frames, these types are the best for outdoor use and they make perfect solutions for large indoor signage as well. Telescoping banners are more commonly used indoors and they stand out with adjustable features and easy usage – the height of these signs is usually freely adjustable and they are very simple to set up and to collapse as well. The third type of banners, spring back types, are the most affordable and the most convenient of the three categories. Spring back systems use tension arms to hold in place the graphics made from vinyl or from other lightweight and durable material.

Tips To Make the Most of Your Step and Repeat Banner

Step and repeat banners usually serve as a backdrop for many types of action, which also means that you should get the largest size that you can afford and handle. Large size means more wear and tear, so you will be required to do a little research to figure out the best material to go for it.

Another aspect that you should pay attention to and that is often neglected is the location where you will set up your step and repeat banner. You need a place where your banner can blend into the environment, but also a place that provides the perfect lighting conditions for great, attractive pictures.