What Is Flexible Pouch Packaging – Features and Benefits of the Hottest Packaging Solution

If you are looking for a creative new packaging solution for your products and you have heard about plastic pouches, but you don’t know what is flexible pouch packaging, here are a few details about how these bags work and how they can be beneficial for your company as well.

flexible pouch packages

What Is, in fact, Flexible Pouch Packaging

Also called a retortable pouch or a retort pouch, a flexible pouch is a type of bag predominantly used for the packaging of food products, but becoming more and more common in other segments, such as the cosmetics industry or the chemical industry. Flexible pouches are made from several layers of flexible plastic, metal foil or from a combination of the two.

The Benefits of Flexible Pouch Packaging

The market of food products as well as the market of cosmetics and household chemicals are highly competitive segments, with players permanently looking for new ways to add visual appeal to their product packages and to increase the usability of their item as well. Flexible pouches are among the most popular types of containers used for packaging today because they offer lots of benefits to marketers and to consumers alike – here are some:

  • Flexible pouches are customizable to meet specific design and marketing requirements as well as to fit the features of the products contained – flexible pouches can be used for the packaging of liquid and solid products as well.
  • Enhanced product freshness – flexible pouches are made from high-grade materials that provide enhanced protection to the products contained. Compared to rigid packaging solutions, flexible pouches provide enhanced weather-protection, including complete protection against the penetration of moisture, air and against UV radiations as well.
  • They are reusable and stable, making the product more user-friendly – most flexible pouches are fitted with resealable closures, zip locks and other creative closing features that increases their usability and in most cases they also feature a gusetted bottom that expands when the product is poured into the pouch, allowing consumers to use the bag without having to worry about spills.
  • Attractive design for successful marketing – new printing technologies, such as rotogravure printing, nowadays allow for the creation of attractive designs that feature vivid colors and sharp images to raise the interest of the customer and they are also suitable for text that contains product-related details, so manufacturers no longer need to add separate labels to meet the legal requirements regarding product information.
  • Lightweight, yet durable and resistant solutions that reduce the size of the required storage space and transport costs as well.
  • Flexible pouches are affordable – the manufacturing process of these pouches is not very energy-intensive, thus providing an affordable packaging solution that does not require marketers to raise the prices they charge for their products.

Now that you know what this process is, you can decide for yourself whether it is suitable for your products as well – if it is, you can start creating the most suitable design  in-house or you can turn to an experienced manufacturer of flexible pouch packaging in Colorado that also provides design services.