What are High Bay Lights?

In the industrial environment, light quality is closely linked to uniform lighting, with a low blindness factor, which optimizes the productivity and ensures workers` safety.

Industrial spaces are generally large in size, with high ceilings, which means high costs for their proper lighting. However, it is absolutely necessary to ensure efficient lighting, so that all activities are carried out in optimal conditions in halls, factories or other types of industrial indoor areas. By using LED high bay lights, quality lighting is ensured, and with a much lower energy consumption than in the case of traditional lighting.

Durable and economical LED lights, combined with various control systems, are an energy efficient solution and significantly reduce maintenance and service costs. High-bay low-angle lights deliver a constant light on vertical high shelves, but at the same time illuminate very well the horizontal transportation areas at the ground level.

linear high bay led lights

The consumption of linear high bay LED lights is at least 50% lower than in the case of lighting systems using economic bulbs or neon lights. In addition, the light is directed in a much more efficient way, and the fixtures take up less space, which allows a more efficient use of the available space. Thus, even if this type of LED lights for industrial use represents a more expensive upfront investment, it will pay for itself in about 2 years, and maintenance costs will be much lower, translating into additional savings.

LED high bay lights are ideal in logistics spaces or production halls. Made of durable and quality materials, they offer an increased intensity of light and are provided with efficient protection from dust and moisture.

Industrial lighting is an important component in the operation of halls and warehouses representing about 60% of the electricity bill. Industrial lighting costs can be substantially reduced using LED high bay lights. Quality industrial lighting reduces operating costs, ensures comfort and increases work safety.

The new generation of high bay lights is characterized by a high durability (over 35,000h). This is very important in hard-to-reach spaces, such as warehouses or high-rise store, as it saves time and expenses associated with frequent replacement of lighting sources.

Due to the use of high quality materials and finishes, these industrial lights are not only very durable, but also aesthetic, water-resistant and anti-corrosive. Branded diodes used in high bay lights are characterized by superior light efficiency.

High bay lights features:

  • Electricity consumption is 50% lower than in the case of traditional lighting
  • They do not contain mercury
  • Very long lifespan specific to LEDs
  • High energy efficiency
  • Monobloc lenses, sealed with gaskets
  • They can be controlled remotely.

The color of the ceiling and walls greatly influence the intensity of light in an industrial warehouse. Light colors and white in general are a better option than dark colors because they reflect light better. This means that bulbs with a lower number of lumens, which have lower energy consumption, can be successfully used. At the same time, some LED high bay lights allow you to adjust the luminous flux, i.e. decrease or increase the light intensity.