Should You Buy a Set of Outdoor BlueTooth Speakers for Outdoor Use?

outdoor music listening bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become extremely popular in recent years, not just because of how practical and easy to set up they are, but also because new technology has emerged that continues to make them cheaper, better quality as well as more resilient.

Whether or not buying a new outdoor Bluetooth speaker is a good idea for you will depend on several key factors, including how often you would use them, how frequently you organize outdoor activities and whether or not you want to consider moving around more rather than sitting around the same area as during a camping trip.

What Are the Main Selling Points?

The main idea is that outdoor wireless speakers have a few qualities that set them apart from regular speakers and even from cheaper Bluetooth speakers. Here are some of their most important advantages to take into consideration:

  1. They have a longer range. Obviously with regular speaker and an external amplifier, you can get greater power, but your range and freedom of movement is limited by cables and wires. Also, when you’re outside, a regular power source is harder to come by. Bluetooth speakers have a smaller power output but greater quality and better range. They are also designed to connect wirelessly with your phone or tablet, so you won’t run into any connectivity issues either.
  2. They are more resilient. Regular speakers and cheaper wireless speakers have the disadvantage that they can break easily. Wired speakers will not work properly in the rain or when exposed to various stressors such as the presence of insects and pests. High quality wireless Bluetooth speakers designed for outdoor use have everything incorporated, and their exterior case can be made waterproof and completely sealed from any exterior threat.
  3. You can basically take them everywhere you go. Unlike a regular speaker or a cheaper Bluetooth speaker, wireless ones made for outdoor use can be conveniently taken everywhere, kept on the grass, placed in a tree or even made to float on a pond. There are virtually no limits, and as long as you keep your phone within range, you can keep listening to your favorite songs with your friends and fellow travelers no matter where you go.

So, Should You Buy One?

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers are not that expensive, and even if you opt for the waterproof ones that can float on the water and sing in the rain, you can still get them for a reasonable price. But do you need one?

To answer that question, you have to think about whether or not you plan on going on trips more often than just once or twice a year. However, even if you just like spending time in the back yard or on the balcony, these speakers can still be a good idea, since they allow you to listen to your music while reading under a tree or sunbathing close to your swimming pool.

There are a lot of great uses for these versatile and fun outdoor speakers. Some of them you might only discover after you buy them and think of new creative ways to use them, so it’s definitely worth spending a little extra money to buy a high quality one.