Reasons To Use Dry Powder For Animal Urine Removal

Tired Of Dog Urine Stains Clean Dog And Carpet EasyThose cute little paws of your pet are enough to turn your worst days into happier days once you get home after a tiring day. However, the moments of happiness will turn into a nightmare once you find that your favorite carpet or furniture item smells of urine.

Everyone loves to keep a pet in the house, but no one likes the smell of the urine soaking in the couch, rug or bed.

When the carpet of your home is impregnated with the smell of the pet, you must find effective cleaning solutions. Eliminating the smell of urine and dog urine stain on carpet is one of the most difficult tasks that only a pet lover can understand. However, there are solutions that can help you completely get rid of this problem.

The regular cleaning solutions that we all have around the house only dilute the stain of urine.

You will never be able to bloat all the urine that has infiltrates a surface, be it porous or smooth. However, using dry powder for animal urine removal, you will get rid of even the most stubborn stains, which continue to emit an unpleasant odor. Dry powder products are based on enzymes that feed on the substance that is responsible for the persistent odor of the urine of dogs or cats.

You just have to put this magic solution on the affected area, in its powdered form, or mix it with warm water and spray it on. Allow it to act, so that the enzymes have time to start the process of decomposing the urine. Typically, these products do not need a long time to do their job; sometimes, it is a matter of just a few minutes, but each product has its own directions that you must respect.

More reasons to use dry powder

  • Dry powder is very efficient on any type of urine stains, fresh or dry
  • The formula was created specifically to clean the urine, completely eliminate the bad odor in your home and discourage pets from repeated marking
  • It is easy to apply and requires minimal effort
  • It does not produce foam when mixed with water
  • Applied as a powder, on fresh stains, it should only be removed with a vacuum cleaner, after having absorbed all the liquid.
  • It is a simple, complete and safe formula to be used around animals and children
  • It is also safe for use on carpets, upholstery, bed linen, clothing and any other surfaces

You should focus on the areas where the odor persists. Besides the area where you discovered a urine stain, there are also the places where the animal sleeps, eats and plays, where you may discover other stains. Clean these places in detail, at least once a week or more often if necessary. Enzymatic cleansing substances release bio cultures that consume urine, leaving things clean and no odor. Numerous protein-free products for carpets and fabrics will not be able to cope with the strong odor of animal urine.

There are many dry powder products for animal urine removal in pet stores. Make sure you use them as instructed on the packaging and keep in mind that the potency of many enzyme detergents can be reduced by contact with other chemicals for cleaning.